Sit back and enjoy a new and practical way to learn Spanish.

Learning online via Skype is a convenient, affordable and practical way to learn Spanish. Just like in-person classes, you can experience one-on-one private lessons with your own native-speaking and highly qualified Spanish teacher from Guatemala.

With Skype classes you can be at your home, office or anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and Skype. In addition, it is possible to plan classes after office hours. In other words wherever, whenever!

No problem whether you are beginner or advanced. Classes can be easily customized to your individual level of Spanish and your specific goals. Teachers will use both chat (writing and reading) as well as video (speaking and listening). Whether you want lessons in Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, linguistics or informal Spanish conversation practice. We can satisfy all your Spanish language-learning needs.

Skype Spanish classes are priced at 14USD per hour for a single hour class in addition to this we offer discounts for bulk classes, group class or volunteers:

1 hour = 14USD, or get discounted prices for booking multiple classes:

Dollars Euro
Learn.Live.Give 5 5 hours $70 €65
Learn.Live.Give 10 10 hours $130 €120
Learn.Live.Give 20 20 hours $240 €220
Learn.Live.Give 40 40 hours $460 €420

Terms and Conditions:

PayPal –  Please note that there is a 10% fee added to transactions processed via PayPal for the currency conversion and transfer fees.

Cancellations – Please note that we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, (working days – Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM) to cancel Skype or in-person classes for recuperation. For homestays, any cancellations must be confirmed on the Friday prior to arrival. Our policy is to pay teachers and homestays for the reservations if cancelled last minute to ensure that they are compensated for their reserved time and retain a level of stability with salary.

Refunds – We are unable to provide any refunds as we declare all incoming payments and pay 17-19% taxes on them. We are not able to claim anything back on refunds and therefore as a social enterprise donating 100% of net profit to charity would run the risk of negative revenue. We can, however, offer an exchange of services for Spanish in person, Skype, etc.

Cambio NDG partnered up with the local family homestays based in the heart of Antigua, donating 100% of their proceeds to NGO Niños de Guatemala. By learning Spanish at Cambio and staying in a family homestay, you will not only get to master a new language and go home to an immersion environment , but you will also help children living in poverty get access to education.

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