Experience Guatemala Challenge

We are very excited to invite you to participate in Niños de Guatemala’s Experience Guatemala Challenge 2018, which will take place in Guatemala in the second week of April 2018.

During the challenge guests will be taken on a journey through Guatemala with the opportunity and incentive to push themselves to achieving what they never imagined. Check out the challenge from former years below to demonstrate the annual Experience Guatemala challenge is set to be one to remember!

To take part, participants must sign up with a teammate, in addition to feeling motivated by the capacity to fundraise $5000 in a team, ($2,500 per participant). 100% of money fundraised is donated to funding education projects with NDG, allowing 500+ children, their families and communities receive education. Many of the things we have achieved today are directly thanks to the teams who participated in former years and fundraised with friends and family to educate children in Guatemala, (3 schools, 500+ students, 60 staff and growing!). If you or someone you know is interested in helping us do even more in 2018 we would love to hear from you – get in touch here!

Once again, thank you for continuing to support NDG. It is thanks to you that we are able to continue to break the cycle of poverty, and ultimately change lives, through education, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Why take part in the Experience Guatemala Challenge?

Education is a fundamental human right to which every child is entitled. By taking part in the Experience Guatemala challenge you will be funding education projects for 500 children, their families and communities. You not only foster their personal development, but you also improve the quality of their lives. You offer a better future and the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty. Moreover, it is a rewarding way to give as it allows you to take part in a once in a lifetime experience with a tangible social impact.

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Logan & Alexis

“Not only was a survivor style challenge in Guatemala one of the greatest most humbling experiences of my life, it showed me the true value of our resources and what we may take for granted in everyday life. Believing and donating to a good cause is one thing, seeing and experiencing it is a whole new realm. While raising money for our team I was able to experience a side of human compassion I didn’t know existed. My life has forever changedfrom the daily challenges, Ninos de Guatemala team, the Guatemalan natives, the kid, my team mates and everyone who donated their time and money. Unforgettable.”   Logan, Experience Guatemala Challenge, 2016

“My experience with Niños de Guatemala was truly a gift that I never could have planned on. What had started off as a cool trip with promise of adventure turned into a really inspiring journey with friends and memories I will never forget. The best part getting first hand look at the cultural fabric of everyday life from the city streets to the middle of jungle. It was very inspiring to see the level of participation the organization played within the community”. Marco, challenge participant 2016

Laurie & Kike
Drew & Elyse
Mike & Dave
Dean & Chris
Shakti & Sagan