Niños de Guatemala Sciences Po

Niños de Guatemala Sciences Po is a student association in Paris that aims to raise awareness about Niños de Guatemala and to raise funds for the NGO. Throughout the year, we organize various events such as the very popular “Fiestas Latinas”, a picnic or a theater performance. Last summer, five of us had the opportunity to volunteer in the schools in Guatemala. It was very rewarding to put names to the kids we were acting for and to feel part of this amazing organisation.
Last Wednesday, during the University’s Solidarity Week, we wanted the students that take part in our events but also see some of our photos that we took from our time at NDG. That’s why we organized a photo exhibition so the University students can see the reason behind all our activities.
Some members of NDG Science Po were present at the Exhibition to tell more to the visitors about the schools and their experience in Guatemala. We hope to have recruited some more ambassadors and potential volunteers for Niños de Guatemala!
The university calendar is coming to an end but the next generation of students is ready to maintain and increase NDG’s support and activities here in France. In fact, this summer, a group of scouts – including two students of Sciences Po – will be going to Guatemala to volunteer.

Paige – A volunteer and an ambassador

I spent 5 weeks at Nuestro Futuro school. I had the pleasure of working alongside Profe Bernal, and with the wonderful, energetic 4th grade

Pepijn’s Volunteer Experience

I was with Niños de Guatemala for 2 months during Summer School where I gave Field Hockey classes to the kids, it was so fun! The children absolutely loved it and they were so happy. They listened really well and really learned a lot.

I also helped the teacher in giving classes, correcting papers and more – I also gave a few math and English classes!

Besides the work and projects, Niños de Guatemala is very active as well. They organise special social volunteer nights where you meet a lot of new people and have an awesome time.

The people who work at Niños are also really caring. For example, they are on hand 24 hours and will arrange home visit doctors and help with anything else you need whilst you are in country.

Niños de Guatemala is really awesome and would highly recommend it to individuals and groups!

My Guatemala Experience

This summer I was able to travel to Guatemala and teach english to kids at the primary school run by Niños de Guatemala. For me in particular, it was strange and exciting to be back in Antigua as I had left at the age of two and haven’t been back since. This brings me to why I chose to become and ambassador for NDG.

I had always wanted to go back to Guatemala but my lifestyle at the time seemed very different and I was too young to really think about coming back. This summer however, I really wanted to come back and for this reason, I think NDG have done a great job of allowing me to return to Guatemala and see a different side to the kids and the locals.

I felt almost at home with the kids after teaching them only two lessons. Through my teaching experince I was able to build on my skills in terms of teaching and planning a lesson, although these were very technical skills, I was also really happy to be able to create fun lessons for kids. I remember buying comics for them so that they would be able to choose which ones they wanted to design for my lesson, this was very special for me because I was (and still am) an avid reader of comics.

I met many amazing people who helped me out during the time I was teaching, from riding a chicken bus to buying almost 200 sweets off of a vendor in the market place in Antigua, I had definitely experienced more of Guatemala than I thought I would.

If I could recommend one thing, apart from urging those of you who haven’t volunteered to do so, I would definitely advise you to get to know the kids and their background. I will be returning to Guatemala, but for the moment, as an ambassador I will be helping to raise awareness at my school and get even more people on board.